About Ian

Ian James

Pro Racer

Ian James is one of the most successful and versatile racing drivers of his day. Ian is widely recognized as a top notch professional racer in the road racing arena, having won the American Le Mans P2 championship and being one of a handful of racers that has won races in all four of the NASCAR owned Grand –Am sanctioned Daytona Prototype, GT, Grand Am Cup Grand Sport and Sport touring classes. Ian’s success started in Europe in Kart racing, Formula Vauxhall, Formula Renault, F3 and onto his professional career in the USA. The extensive list of cars and Formula’s he has competed in has made him quickly adaptable to whatever race car he gets into.

Mentor / Teacher

Ian’s racing experience has cultivated into a knowledge base that has made him one of the most sought out driving instructors in the country. Over the years Ian has been able to assist many drivers in increasing their skill level in whatever discipline they are competing in. Be it a young driver entering the sport or somebody that has been around a while and needs some help staying sharp, Ian has managed to accelerate their improvement process by sitting beside them , analyzing Data, watching trackside  or being there co-driver all aspect that have made them get the success they strived for.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Away from the racetrack Ian has been able to utilize his Business Finance degree and is involved with a number of companies that have used racing as a way to further enhance their market penetration whilst generating new and exciting programs to keep and further refine their customer relations. Ian is also involved with the nonprofit Drivers Edge program that teaches teens for free how to better handle their cars on the road.

  • Extensive experience in car and chassis development , tire testing, driver coaching and data analysis
  • Fast, responsible and consistent. Great track record of results and getting the most out of the equipment at his disposal.
  • Team leader, Infectious enthusiasm with a marketable and professional persona.